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Price List Popular Items

Items Prices
Regular laundry shirt 3.83
Laundry shirt – over / under size, hand press 8.74
Regular laundry pants 9.95
Regular Dry cleaned shirt 9.95
Silk or Linen dry cleaned shirt 12.25
Silk or Linen dry cleaned blouse 12.25
Regular dry cleaned pants 9.95
Silk or Linen dry cleaned pants 12.25
Regular sport jacket 12.69
Regular dry cleaned 2 pc suit 22.64
Regular sweater 12.13
Regular skirt 10.21
Silk dress 23.56
Hem regular pants 18.65
Sew seam, regular 8.60

Note: Prices are subject to change. Up charges may apply for different fabrics, difficulty of constructions, materials, difficulty in cleaning or finishing, removal of stains, etc.